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Reevio is an incredibly easy to use online video maker for creating logos, marketing, social videos & more in minutes.

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20,000 Reevio Users

20,000 Reevio users have produced more than 1,000,000 videos so far.


Make Stunning Videos

Reevio is an incredibly easy to use online video maker Reevio is an incredibly easy to use online video maker
for creating logos, marketing, social videos & more in minutes.

look professional
right from the start

Become a video powerhouse instantly with our beautifully designed templates.

you have complete
creative control

Choose your scenes and combine as many clips as you want.

select media or
upload your own

You can upload your own video, photos and music.

make changes as you go

You can fix errors or change your design while making your video.

hundreds of soundtracks
for any occasion

Complete your video with quality music composed by the most talented musicians around the world.

Here’s How to Make Your First Video in Just a Few Minutes

multiple sizes
select aspect ratio

Choose the perfect video format for maximum impact.

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Loaded with
Tons of features

Reevio comes with tons of useful features that makes Reevio App easy to use.


Video preview


Dynamic video creation


Browser based web app


Create up to 40 videos


Customize text


Drag and drop


Upload your own photos,
videos designs and music


Share to Facebook,
Youtube and Instagram


Integrated media asset


Responsive Customer

What our users say


“I really like the Reevio video software because it allows me to create very unique video intros, outros and transitions for my clients. They all love them because they’re customized, catchy and clever. Thanks.”


“I’ve been using Reevio for a couple of months now and I really like how easy it is to create Logo Stings, intros, lower thirds, etc. My clients love them and their patrons love it too.”


“Hi Guys! Just wanted to drop you a line to say THANK YOU!!! Reevio BLOWS the doors off of the competition … I should know I subscribe to them all! You’re not only SAVING ME $200+ clams a month, you’re also saving me from using OTHER programs that I can now eliminate! My clients …. THEY LOVE ME EVEN MORE NOW.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make videos to sell to clients?
Yes, with the Reevio Reseller option you can sell videos to clients.
Can I preview my video before rendering?
Yes you can preview your video as you make it.
How long does it take to render?
Most videos will take 5-10 minutes while some more intense logos could take 10-20 minutes.
Can I upload my own files?
Yes, you can upload your own photos, videos and music to use in videos you create.
Is there a limit to how many videos I can make?
You can make unlimited videos each month. You are able to export/download or publish up to 40 each month.
What video sizes are included?
Some templates have all size options. Some have less it depends on the template.

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